Me as a Fascilitator

Since I involved in AF as in Academy Facilitator, so today is the first day I attended such a bigger event than the usual. You know, besides the dinner & the iftar we had. We went to SK USJ 20, in Subang Jaya, to meet standard 5 students to kind of, motivate them in facing the UPSR in a year ahead. huh? Tasha? motivating people? so not her! well, what ever! I'll do what i want & think best for me to do. So far, we had fun. (okay, fun la jugak) We as in students from IIUM, & UITM were collaborated our so called energy in motivating the lucky students. HAHA. sounds so wrong right? & at night, we had barbecue at Shah Alam with all the team members. One more fun to be added. Okay, not that fun cause i'm so exhausted and had no more energy left. 

The team members! We had serious fun! well before i lost all my energy. 

One of the bright kid i found. 

Gedik macam ni, nak jadi fasci. Tengok, budak kat belakang tu, main-main. 

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