Me as a Fascilitator

Since I involved in AF as in Academy Facilitator, so today is the first day I attended such a bigger event than the usual. You know, besides the dinner & the iftar we had. We went to SK USJ 20, in Subang Jaya, to meet standard 5 students to kind of, motivate them in facing the UPSR in a year ahead. huh? Tasha? motivating people? so not her! well, what ever! I'll do what i want & think best for me to do. So far, we had fun. (okay, fun la jugak) We as in students from IIUM, & UITM were collaborated our so called energy in motivating the lucky students. HAHA. sounds so wrong right? & at night, we had barbecue at Shah Alam with all the team members. One more fun to be added. Okay, not that fun cause i'm so exhausted and had no more energy left. 

The team members! We had serious fun! well before i lost all my energy. 

One of the bright kid i found. 

Gedik macam ni, nak jadi fasci. Tengok, budak kat belakang tu, main-main. 

The Sorceror's Apprentice.

I had new movie bash last friday, at TGV, KLCC. well, i should say, again. Good fun! for adults & kids. I guess I will be giving 4.5 stars for the wonderful movie! seriously, it's a must watch. You wouldn't come out from from the cinema with the ugly expression on your ugly face as a reflection saying "I've wasted my RM 9 for nothing". Seriously, it's not nothing! The hero is seriously shit handsome, and I love this one part, when he produces the One Republic-Secret with the electric connection thing-y (well, i don't know what does it call) but still, i think it's awe-inspiring! *mesmerize face* pleaseee, go & watch it!

p/s; not to forget to thank my uncle & aunt for the astonishing dinner at Chili's. I really can't re-call, was it my birthday or what?? I had such a super duper blast evening! & I was in a good mood all day long. I'm telling you more, but i'm rushing to BMK'S class! (number three in my fav class as number two has taken by Arabic class) Bye readers. see you afterwards. thank you for reading. 

Jerks, losers, classes.

I really hated when it comes to the part where, you know that person and unfortunately that person knows you too but when you guys bumped into each other, that person just act like she does not know you. at all! urghh, I'm so annoyed. hello. if you know that particular person, just say HI! Is that so hard to do? Okay, if saying hi is omg, so hard for you, then give that person a smile. It's sadaqah anyway! The easiest way to get rewarded. & If that one is possible for you to do too, since you are such a loser & and you don't like to give sadaqah, then I think, raising your eyebrow, is the last choice you have (rude, i know, but it's better than nothing). If that, you also can't do, then, it's proven you are totally, a jerk! & well, I've met plenty of jerk like you and i can't bare to meet some more. 


Moving on, Alhamdulillah. My class didn't suck as i would ever imagine. Well you see, I didn't know most of my new classmates. For most of the classes. But so far they were fine. Even, there were certain type of person who are "kerek tak kena tempat." But, never mind. i fine with that. Cause i met plenty of good people rather than bad. & seriously they were cool. I love, love, love my Novel class. Seriously i do. I never liked the morning class. But this time around, I can't wait to be there! Sir Mazlan is full of sense of humor. He actually brightens up the gloomy class with all of his seriously funny jokes. Even sometimes i didn't really get it, but, still i was laughing like a demon every time he came out with one! HAHA. ohhhh, not to forget, last night, i was one of the interviewers for Academy Facsilitator, 11th intake. I was in charge with the acting audition. It was loaded with fun. Met some more new people. Hopefully, i will be getting more friends as I just registered in a new club called "Titian Asli" at IIUM. It was a club where we as members kind of helping aborigins all around Malaysia, not only in Gombak. Happy! Happy!

To do list;

1. Summarize the war & terrorism's article.
2. Find a topic for Psychology's scrapt book.
3. Re-write notes for all the subjects. (pasal tulisan, serious. Tulis dengan kaki, lagi lawa kot)
4. Meeting for Fascilitators for SK USJ 10's workshop.
5. Memorize 10 new vocab for arab class. Everyday.
6. Finish reading Jodi Picoult's. Then, start with Mike's.
7. Find a novel for Novel's class.

p/s; ingat balik minggu ni, boleh tengok TV & online sampai pagi. Harapan.

Despicable Me, Japanese food, Wan Intan

I went to KLCC this morning. (you might be saying, I have no where else to go right?!) Well, if last night I was there to find books but today, I was there to watch Despicable me, with my beautiful cousin Trishia. Kinda babysitting for 2 hours thingy while the parents went to watch other movies. She had watched it before. So, by the time we entered the cinema, she was anxiously telling me what is going to happen next, & that gave me headache. Even more, we were watching in 3D, making my head spinning faster! I. Alas, the movie started at 11.30am, I woke up at 8.30am while I slept at 3 am and that made me fall asleep in the cinema. Seriously, it is not because of the movie! The movie was so much fun to be watched. It's just me, being sleepy all of the sudden. Plus, the cinema was air-conditioned. khusyuk. Yes. Whatever. It is a magnificent, funny, enjoyable movie for every age. Seriously, no lies. Trishia was laughing her heart out and so did I. Well, that's before i fell asleep. HAHA. my bad. wasted RM18 of my aunt's money. But then, after a while i was up. by the voice of this one kid laughing "tak hengat" punya. It was fun. After all. ;D & it has those cute mini-ons which make the movie even more a must-watch! Cute-nya! 

The to do list & the pact

My uncle went for a movie with his daughter at KLCC today & i decided not to join but rather i went to Kinokuniya to look for books for my novel's class. At kino, I met Hana, which is so a no-need because she made support (with books i held, she will say "wahhh, interesting la this one, so good la" hah, tell me now, would you buy or not if people say something eagerly in front of you. okay. maybe you won't but I will because I love books!) me to buy two more novels which are The to do list by Mike Gayle & The pact by Jodi Picoult. Books? again? In fact, I haven't read the ones mama bought for me in Kelantan. Still in wrapper okay *sigh* Hana, Hana. But never mind, she spent more than I did! on her Manga thingy. I don't know. but, whatever. Then, my stomach was craving for food. I went to the food court & grab the Penang char kuew tiau and two ice lemon teas. because I drink while eating & that's why my drink finish faster than anyone else. Delicious, i tell you. On my final feed, my aunty call me. "eh, where are you. come up, we have dinner at the Korean restaurant. It's called Kor yo won, we'll wait for you. Faster!" What! I just spent rm 15 on my dinner, & you just called me to buy me dinner? what a lost! ...of money. but then, I still go. I grab all the food on the table & my stomach was seriously no lies like 3 months pregnant. Now, i'm at home, barely move because i just had two dinners in a row. *burp* 

p/s; aku dinner dua kali. agak-agak orang kat Palestine makan tak hari ni. Bersyukurnya atas rezeki tuhan bagi hari ni. Alhamdulillah.


I did not enjoy being one. RUDE? That's so not me. fine. Even my mom never taught me to be one. I made stupid lame jokes. but, it's just a reflex re-action. Everybody did that. Okay, maybe not everybody. Maybe it's just me. I've learnt my lesson. Really. I did. I'm sorry.

Proper adult

When i look at my friends or anybody around me, i keep myself asking, am i a proper adult? Maksudnya; aku ni dah matang ke. Many of my friends got married at such a young age. or at least, get engaged. Alhamdulillah. I'm not writing this because of i want to get married! it's just a thought of mind. But well, would a proper adult still do not know what to do with her life? wether which major she wants to graduate with. or what company she wants to be working in? or when she will be graduating. what time to wake up when the class starts at 8 in the morning? or what is the proper way to contact with people or would a proper adult leave a pail full of a week clothes unwashed? Does a proper adult do that? I did that. Is that mean i'm not an adult just yet? 

school has started.

Welcome back! To begin with, it's 17 credit hours, & i'm taking Arab. It's going to be a hard, naughty semester for me. But please, be as good as you can, semester. and semester, i wish that I could earn more pointer. If semester allow me, please make me one of the dean list's students. at least before I graduated & please let me have good classmates as i do not know most of my new classmates. Please mr. Semester.

p/s: sangat rindu mama. tak ada mood nak sekolah.

Thing i want to do before I die

This should be one of them. BUNGEE-JUMPING!
add drop tak best. system UIA hampeh, susah nak access. Syaba Shiek kata, lawan setan lagi senang. 

Ice berg

When I was in a motivational camp, a speaker told me about the real size of an ice berg. It is actually look smaller on the upside but it is wayyyy bigger on the downside. I googled &i do find it is true. Definitely, i am so mesmerized with the look of it.  

i'm scared just by looking.

Looks can be deceiving ain't it. No wonder Titanic did sank 2 hours after it hit the ice berg. Poor Rose & Jack. Okay, bye for now. I'm watching Titanic for the hundredth times. & I'm going to continue watching! The crying part is almost there! 

I always have issues with cars. Seriously.

Putting curry powder into water tank. How many of you have did that?

Put water also didnt work!

she was the life saver for the day.

it worked. seriously.

As a sum, the water tank of my friend's car was leaking, and cause the water in the tank emptied fast and then cause the temperature went to the maximum high level & none of us realized that. until one moment we heard the boiling sound from the engine side. we were damn panicked. but luckily one of us is in mechanical engineering field & she did save us. other than my friend's boyfriend gave us an advice to put curry powder in the leaking tank. & no kidding, it worked. we made it to home, safely. yeay. thank you serbuk kari Alagappas!


I passed my sociolinguistics paper even I didn't get the result I wish it to be appeared in my result slip. A bit mad of myself. Why I didn't work extra extra harder. Sociolinguistics is a subject that can be scored to be frank. But, never mind, alhamdulillah I good pretty good result. 

p/s; I did something wrong. & I did not realize it. Sorry to the person. 

Almost paradise

Waking up everyday, seeing mom's face. That's it. That is what i ever wanted. The only reason I continue living. It's for her. My life is not not mine. It's hers.  Now excuse me, I need to shit on rainbows.  

Note to self

No more hope for me

Germany had easier than expected 4-0 win over Aregentina. They are totally reaching the World Cup semifinals and sending both mogul Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona Home. What the hell. What happened to all teams I supported?? Been sent home just like that. Okay, the truth is, they played badly and they deserve it, but don't send my favorite team home! What more my three-time champion Germans dominating every sector of the field , also went home!! What more hope do I have? sad! sad!

8 days to go

I just booked the ticket. Going back to IIUM on July 10th. Have to because that's the only day I can find the cheapest. So not ready for my next semester's chaotic schedule. Can somebody please tell me that IIUM  has extends its semester break to *when I feel like going back to study & fit in the busy bee life* 


I'm a riddle in nine syllables,
An elephant, 
a ponderous house,
A melon strolling on two tendrils.
O red fruit, ivory, fine timbers!
This loaf's big with its yeasty rising.
Money's new-minted in this fat purse.
I'm a means, a stage, a cow in calf.
I've eaten a bag of green apples,
Boarded the train there's no getting off.

-Sylvia Plath-

talented. but sick.