Ice berg

When I was in a motivational camp, a speaker told me about the real size of an ice berg. It is actually look smaller on the upside but it is wayyyy bigger on the downside. I googled &i do find it is true. Definitely, i am so mesmerized with the look of it.  

i'm scared just by looking.

Looks can be deceiving ain't it. No wonder Titanic did sank 2 hours after it hit the ice berg. Poor Rose & Jack. Okay, bye for now. I'm watching Titanic for the hundredth times. & I'm going to continue watching! The crying part is almost there! 


  1. Visiting here friend..Nice..Special contest bring to u.. Don’t Miss it!

  2. Nice thought, but the bottom pic is a fake: check out SNOPES.COM under iceberg.

  3. wooooooooooowwww.!!!! its beautifuul.! :O