The Sorceror's Apprentice.

I had new movie bash last friday, at TGV, KLCC. well, i should say, again. Good fun! for adults & kids. I guess I will be giving 4.5 stars for the wonderful movie! seriously, it's a must watch. You wouldn't come out from from the cinema with the ugly expression on your ugly face as a reflection saying "I've wasted my RM 9 for nothing". Seriously, it's not nothing! The hero is seriously shit handsome, and I love this one part, when he produces the One Republic-Secret with the electric connection thing-y (well, i don't know what does it call) but still, i think it's awe-inspiring! *mesmerize face* pleaseee, go & watch it!

p/s; not to forget to thank my uncle & aunt for the astonishing dinner at Chili's. I really can't re-call, was it my birthday or what?? I had such a super duper blast evening! & I was in a good mood all day long. I'm telling you more, but i'm rushing to BMK'S class! (number three in my fav class as number two has taken by Arabic class) Bye readers. see you afterwards. thank you for reading. 

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