Happy Birthday My dear Khairah Nadhirah Karim

Happy Birthday Khairah Nadhirah Karim. Hoping you'll have the joy that you have wanted. I will always be there for you, and will be you best friend forever darling. ily. 

Lucky angel. She got two cakes. The cup cakes were from her beloved talented loving caring dad. And the heart shape in the middle cake was from Jihan and Me ;DDD                                                 

To; Mom

You give me everything and expects nothing in return.
You are the one who gives me first lessons in sharing and caring.
You are the one who keeps awake all night by our side when I were sick,
you are the one who always know what is going on inside me,
and you are the one who forgives and forgets so easily.
Whether I am 20, 30 or 40, i will always a kid for you mother. I knew it was forever..

p/s: happy mom's day.