The to do list & the pact

My uncle went for a movie with his daughter at KLCC today & i decided not to join but rather i went to Kinokuniya to look for books for my novel's class. At kino, I met Hana, which is so a no-need because she made support (with books i held, she will say "wahhh, interesting la this one, so good la" hah, tell me now, would you buy or not if people say something eagerly in front of you. okay. maybe you won't but I will because I love books!) me to buy two more novels which are The to do list by Mike Gayle & The pact by Jodi Picoult. Books? again? In fact, I haven't read the ones mama bought for me in Kelantan. Still in wrapper okay *sigh* Hana, Hana. But never mind, she spent more than I did! on her Manga thingy. I don't know. but, whatever. Then, my stomach was craving for food. I went to the food court & grab the Penang char kuew tiau and two ice lemon teas. because I drink while eating & that's why my drink finish faster than anyone else. Delicious, i tell you. On my final feed, my aunty call me. "eh, where are you. come up, we have dinner at the Korean restaurant. It's called Kor yo won, we'll wait for you. Faster!" What! I just spent rm 15 on my dinner, & you just called me to buy me dinner? what a lost! ...of money. but then, I still go. I grab all the food on the table & my stomach was seriously no lies like 3 months pregnant. Now, i'm at home, barely move because i just had two dinners in a row. *burp* 

p/s; aku dinner dua kali. agak-agak orang kat Palestine makan tak hari ni. Bersyukurnya atas rezeki tuhan bagi hari ni. Alhamdulillah.

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