Meet the my new meth

Meet my new future baby (I WISH!) First of all courtesy, to flickr as I borrowed these two pictures from there. Here it goes, just after i bought my DSLR, i noticed that these baby will be more convenient for me as i'm only a beginner to the photography world & of course it's wayyy cheaper than DSLR. at least for the beginner like me. This lomo camera, produced gorgeous pictures even in low megapixels & of course it uses films like the old time. I've done surveys here & there asking friends about this, & many of my friends agree Diana F+ is such a doll. Oh, I want thiss. Please. & beware, don't stare too long,  you might be addicted! Like I am now!

8 great things a great guy would do for you- a must read

  1. Make you smile when you were down.
  2. Gives you a goodbye kiss even you friends are watching (okay, ni tak great, pasal haram).
  3. Holds your hands in perfect time.
  4. Be funny but know when to be serious.
  5. Reacts so cutely when you hit him though IT REALLY HURTS!
  6. Stares at you when he thinks you do not notice.
  7. Get a little jealous sometimes but know he's the one you love.
  8. Wait for an hour just to spend a minute with you ( this is the greatest!)
Hah, amacam, boyfriend kamu semua macam ni ke? kalau tak, tak great mana lah. LMAO!

These angels made me smile today.

  1. Mama.
  2. Hafiz Alwi.
  3. Arissa Raihana.
  4. Chu (i got extra pocket money because she gave me a job!).
  5. Samantha Newly.
  6. Nabila Diyana ( hug for the status in FB).