Senarai kekurangan dan kelebihan

"Mengapa di cari secantik balqis, andai diri tak sehebat Sulaiman, Mengapa mengharapkan teman setampan Yusof jika kasih tidak setulus Zulaikha, Mengapa mengharapkan teman seteguh Ibrahim andai diri tidak sehebat Siti Hajar, Mengapa didamba teman sehidup yang sempurna Muhamamd jika ada keburukan pada diri sendiri, Bimbinglah dirinya dan terimalah kekurangan itu sebagai keunikan.. CARILAH KEBAIKAN ITU PADA DIRINYA. BERSYUKURLAH DIPERTEMUKAN DENGANNYA, BERDOALAH DIA MILIKMU."

p/s: I came across this few days ago on Facebook. I found it really sweet & I think I should share with everyone. I maybe sometime forgot to be thankful for what I have. I tend to throw the bait to the sea and try to fish for the bigger fishes. Meanwhile, other people are struggling to fish what I have already have. I am ashamed to myself and I apologize to her.  It is not only come to the love issues as I am being universal here. 

Yong Tau Fu

I sebenarnya, malu nak post entry yang ini. Pasal, post I yang lepas pun ada makanan. Ini pun makanan juga. Dah macam Maria Tunku Sabri dengan Serena Redzuan dah. Tapi, tak apaaa! Ini benda baik yang I nak kongsi dengan you guys, terutama yang tinggal di area wangsa maju. Hari tu, kawan-kawan I, ajak pergi Jusco, Wangsa Maju (Alpha Angle) adalah diaorang nak beli barang-barang. Then, on our way back, one friend of mine, took us to this one small stall by the roadside. The stall has varieties of Yong Tau Fu (you name it, and all there) and the most important thing is, they are all beyond deliciousssssss! All sauces are made by the owner himself. Tak de beli dalam botol punya haaaa. Dan, semuaaaaaa cucuk kat situ, RM1 je satu. Murah kan.

Haaa, tengok. Banyak kan pilihan.

Itu, anak pakcik tu. Eh, bukan yang tersengih tu. Yang tudung pink tu. Oh yes, the syrup also made by the owner herself. I mean, bukan bancuh sendiri. Syrup tu, masak sendiri.

You boleh pilih & rebus sendiri. Cepat la sikit dapat.

Yes, pilih, jangan tak pilih.

Ada lagiii, ni on the other side.

That's the pakcik. a.k.a, the owner.

Kalau bab makan, gembiraaa.

Tengok tu, semangat nak rebus.

Jadi, lepas baca entry ni, try la pergi. Boleh naik tren je. Kalau dari terminal P, RM1 je tren nya. Dia betul-betul kat tepi tangga nak turun pergi ke Jaya Jusco. & pakcik ni, selalu buka petang-petang. Kalau you guys dah pergi, tell me whatd you think okay.

Lagi hebat kalau lagi ramai pengikut

Haaa, betul tak kalau lagi ramai followers lagi hebat la kita. Saya rasa benda tu betul la kot. Tengok macam blog saya, ada followers tak sampai 30 orang pun. Maksudnya, blog saya tak hebat la tu. Siapa je nak baca blog orang macam saya. Saya bukan artis, atau, mana-mana orang terkenal. Contoh macam Hanis Zalikha. Blog dia ramai orang follow. Hebat la dia tu. Hebat sangat. Nak jadi macam dia. Kadang-kadang, bila saya comment di blog beliau, saya akan kembali few times to her blog to see whether she had replied my comments. Loser! HAHAHA. okay, biarlaaa. Pasal, saya gain banyak benda dari blog beliau. Teringin nak jadi macam dia. Okay, in a way, bukan exactly macam dia. Tapi nak jadi macam dia yang banyak idea menulis. Bukan menulis benda serious pun, tapi, tulisan dia buat saya nak baca. Tapi ada loser kata, saya mengidola dia sangat. Benda tu, sangat tak betul. Saya baca saja, dia tu bukan idola number satu. 

I failed all the subjects this semester.

Nauzubillah. That is what will happen if i continue doing what i'm doing. Mintak jauh la. OMK, i don't know why, but it's like all the laziness has come to stun me. This is serious. I cannot bear with packed classes anymore. It's tiring. When you're tired, you just tend to get back from classes and have a nap and soon when you're up, it's already dark and you turn your laptop on to settle up some assignments and after few hours, i'ts already late and it's time for you to have a good night sleep because if you don't you'll be sleepy in classes, because your classes will be till the late evening. Fine, if you say "alah, tasha mengada gila. Sabar dah la. Kan namanya belajar. Tu pun tak boleh nak tahan. Biasa la student." You are totally out of your mind, & has no idea what are you saying. Yes, I memang membebel pasal kelas banyak, tapi I membebel bukan pasal i mengada, tapi pasal I want to let everything out from my exhausted mind & of course body. Bukannya i tak sabar. Kalau I tak sabar, dah lama i bayar RM300 pada IIUM,  untuk drop some of the subjects. Serious, I'll do that, if i'm so impatient. People talk. They don't listen. 

*OMK stands for; oh mak kau*

Ramadhan Kareem

Wishing all my Muslims friends & specially my beloved family a happy Ramadhan al-mubarak. May Allah blessed you in the most holy months of all.  

I'm really looking forward to attend terawih & feel the extended of calm. It's something I really miss. Watching my friends in telekung to solat terawih at Mahallah, was something that i could not see daily. Everyone is chasing the mysterious Lailatur Qadar. I miss mama in way. Seriously i do. tsk, tsk. Mama, i wanna go home! 

Avatar, The Last Airbender

Watched it. at TGV, KLCC. again. kept myself asking, CAN I BE A BENDER at the and of the movie. So, if Tasha wants to be a bender after watching it, what'd you think of the movie? Bad? good? well, you decide.

okayyyy. don't have to! it's great movie! 3.75 stars. I have to admit that it is not as great as Sorcerer's Apprentice, but still it got all the action needed. To me, it's not a waste of money as it's on my aunt. HAHA. okay, okay. seriously. I might don't get the whole idea of it cause i didn't watch the cartoon series, but i guess i didn't lost. I mean, in a way, i get what was the story about. 

"Alamak, kan dah kena"

I was at home, feeling totally bored when this show attracted my attention. It's kinda a show which will be on air every Friday, in the evening at 4, on TV 1. Basically, "Alamak kan dah kena" is a Malay version of punk'd. & (if you ever watched it on MTV hosted by Ashton Kutcher). The team punk'd the irresponsible citizens in Malaysia by ambushing them. Example, there was this family, having picnic at a beach (i can't re-call where it was) and just left all the rubbish which of course, belong to them all by the beach. So, the crew came out of no where, & ambushed them with all the cameras and stuff and asked them question. (gagap kakak tu nak jawab. kelakar gila. and ada ke she asked the host to collect the rubbish for her? these people should be living in Singapore I guess) and On the other hand, there was this kakak, who cleaned all the rubbish she made, & she gets 150 bucks form the crew for her concern for the environment. Cool ain't it. Haa, if you're walking all by the road side, & suddenly found the rubbish or found things that is your responsibility on the name of humanity, you know what you should do. Who knows, the crew was stalking on you, & out of nothing you'll get RM 150. But if you don't, you will be rewarded by Allah! that matters the most. (cheyh, cheyh)

Kalau cakap English, nanti botol budu bergegar.

LAME! I'm sicked of that phrase.

He made my heart stop. Seriously.

Marry me Damon Salvatore. Will you?!

HAHAHA! Psycho freak kan Natasha ni. But, hello! Siapaaaa tak melt tengok dreamy guy handsome macam ni sekali. Siapa tah dia ni. Is the question that you might be wondering. Dia ni la yang act dalam Vampire Diaries. Pasal dia ni la I tengok Vampire Diaries sampai habis other than the fact that the storyline is quite interesting. To me, I'd rather watch Vampire Diaries than the Twilight and any other Vampire stories. Sorry to say. and ohh, if you kind of a girl like me (who always been in love with dreamy guys) search for Oliver Goodwil. He's the wolfie in Evanescene's Call Me When You're Sober video and he's hot too!

Alhamdulillah. I am a dean's list student.

HAHA. Mesti you guys yang tak baca content post ni macam "alahai berlagaknya. tu pun nak post kat blog. Diam-diam sudahhh." But waitttt, bukan la. Belum lagi. Kalau itu jadi kenyataan, I'll be saying "Alhamdulillah" and duduk diam-diam ya. tak kan post kat blog. InsyaAllah, & hopefully, it's so going to be so true this semester! I have been working extra hard (erk, am i?) I feel sorry for mama if i did bad in study, sorry for myself, for my dream to backpack around the world, go to Disneyland Orlando, shopping like crazy, eating in Paris, lunch in New York, Dinner in Hong Kong will not be coming true if i did bad in college. Ramadhan is coming anyway. Insya-allah, with all its blessing, i'll be on the list. *smile*

p/s: to mr.dean, what about it that so hard to just put my name in you list?