Jerks, losers, classes.

I really hated when it comes to the part where, you know that person and unfortunately that person knows you too but when you guys bumped into each other, that person just act like she does not know you. at all! urghh, I'm so annoyed. hello. if you know that particular person, just say HI! Is that so hard to do? Okay, if saying hi is omg, so hard for you, then give that person a smile. It's sadaqah anyway! The easiest way to get rewarded. & If that one is possible for you to do too, since you are such a loser & and you don't like to give sadaqah, then I think, raising your eyebrow, is the last choice you have (rude, i know, but it's better than nothing). If that, you also can't do, then, it's proven you are totally, a jerk! & well, I've met plenty of jerk like you and i can't bare to meet some more. 


Moving on, Alhamdulillah. My class didn't suck as i would ever imagine. Well you see, I didn't know most of my new classmates. For most of the classes. But so far they were fine. Even, there were certain type of person who are "kerek tak kena tempat." But, never mind. i fine with that. Cause i met plenty of good people rather than bad. & seriously they were cool. I love, love, love my Novel class. Seriously i do. I never liked the morning class. But this time around, I can't wait to be there! Sir Mazlan is full of sense of humor. He actually brightens up the gloomy class with all of his seriously funny jokes. Even sometimes i didn't really get it, but, still i was laughing like a demon every time he came out with one! HAHA. ohhhh, not to forget, last night, i was one of the interviewers for Academy Facsilitator, 11th intake. I was in charge with the acting audition. It was loaded with fun. Met some more new people. Hopefully, i will be getting more friends as I just registered in a new club called "Titian Asli" at IIUM. It was a club where we as members kind of helping aborigins all around Malaysia, not only in Gombak. Happy! Happy!


  1. thats y kadang2 takut nak tegur membe yg tak berapa nak rapat. takut jadi mcm kes ni lah. senyuman tak dibalas. tp ade juga yg kata kite sombong nanti.

  2. macam kita yang terhegeh-hegeh kan. HAHA