Alhamdulillah. I am a dean's list student.

HAHA. Mesti you guys yang tak baca content post ni macam "alahai berlagaknya. tu pun nak post kat blog. Diam-diam sudahhh." But waitttt, bukan la. Belum lagi. Kalau itu jadi kenyataan, I'll be saying "Alhamdulillah" and duduk diam-diam ya. tak kan post kat blog. InsyaAllah, & hopefully, it's so going to be so true this semester! I have been working extra hard (erk, am i?) I feel sorry for mama if i did bad in study, sorry for myself, for my dream to backpack around the world, go to Disneyland Orlando, shopping like crazy, eating in Paris, lunch in New York, Dinner in Hong Kong will not be coming true if i did bad in college. Ramadhan is coming anyway. Insya-allah, with all its blessing, i'll be on the list. *smile*

p/s: to mr.dean, what about it that so hard to just put my name in you list?

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