Proper adult

When i look at my friends or anybody around me, i keep myself asking, am i a proper adult? Maksudnya; aku ni dah matang ke. Many of my friends got married at such a young age. or at least, get engaged. Alhamdulillah. I'm not writing this because of i want to get married! it's just a thought of mind. But well, would a proper adult still do not know what to do with her life? wether which major she wants to graduate with. or what company she wants to be working in? or when she will be graduating. what time to wake up when the class starts at 8 in the morning? or what is the proper way to contact with people or would a proper adult leave a pail full of a week clothes unwashed? Does a proper adult do that? I did that. Is that mean i'm not an adult just yet? 

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