Despicable Me, Japanese food, Wan Intan

I went to KLCC this morning. (you might be saying, I have no where else to go right?!) Well, if last night I was there to find books but today, I was there to watch Despicable me, with my beautiful cousin Trishia. Kinda babysitting for 2 hours thingy while the parents went to watch other movies. She had watched it before. So, by the time we entered the cinema, she was anxiously telling me what is going to happen next, & that gave me headache. Even more, we were watching in 3D, making my head spinning faster! I. Alas, the movie started at 11.30am, I woke up at 8.30am while I slept at 3 am and that made me fall asleep in the cinema. Seriously, it is not because of the movie! The movie was so much fun to be watched. It's just me, being sleepy all of the sudden. Plus, the cinema was air-conditioned. khusyuk. Yes. Whatever. It is a magnificent, funny, enjoyable movie for every age. Seriously, no lies. Trishia was laughing her heart out and so did I. Well, that's before i fell asleep. HAHA. my bad. wasted RM18 of my aunt's money. But then, after a while i was up. by the voice of this one kid laughing "tak hengat" punya. It was fun. After all. ;D & it has those cute mini-ons which make the movie even more a must-watch! Cute-nya! 

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