"Alamak, kan dah kena"

I was at home, feeling totally bored when this show attracted my attention. It's kinda a show which will be on air every Friday, in the evening at 4, on TV 1. Basically, "Alamak kan dah kena" is a Malay version of punk'd. & (if you ever watched it on MTV hosted by Ashton Kutcher). The team punk'd the irresponsible citizens in Malaysia by ambushing them. Example, there was this family, having picnic at a beach (i can't re-call where it was) and just left all the rubbish which of course, belong to them all by the beach. So, the crew came out of no where, & ambushed them with all the cameras and stuff and asked them question. (gagap kakak tu nak jawab. kelakar gila. and ada ke she asked the host to collect the rubbish for her? these people should be living in Singapore I guess) and On the other hand, there was this kakak, who cleaned all the rubbish she made, & she gets 150 bucks form the crew for her concern for the environment. Cool ain't it. Haa, if you're walking all by the road side, & suddenly found the rubbish or found things that is your responsibility on the name of humanity, you know what you should do. Who knows, the crew was stalking on you, & out of nothing you'll get RM 150. But if you don't, you will be rewarded by Allah! that matters the most. (cheyh, cheyh)


  1. natasha... thanks for watching my programme ya... i'm the host. really apprciate it dear... :)

  2. oh you are??? and how did you came across my blog? its an interesting programme to be watched anyways!