I failed all the subjects this semester.

Nauzubillah. That is what will happen if i continue doing what i'm doing. Mintak jauh la. OMK, i don't know why, but it's like all the laziness has come to stun me. This is serious. I cannot bear with packed classes anymore. It's tiring. When you're tired, you just tend to get back from classes and have a nap and soon when you're up, it's already dark and you turn your laptop on to settle up some assignments and after few hours, i'ts already late and it's time for you to have a good night sleep because if you don't you'll be sleepy in classes, because your classes will be till the late evening. Fine, if you say "alah, tasha mengada gila. Sabar dah la. Kan namanya belajar. Tu pun tak boleh nak tahan. Biasa la student." You are totally out of your mind, & has no idea what are you saying. Yes, I memang membebel pasal kelas banyak, tapi I membebel bukan pasal i mengada, tapi pasal I want to let everything out from my exhausted mind & of course body. Bukannya i tak sabar. Kalau I tak sabar, dah lama i bayar RM300 pada IIUM,  untuk drop some of the subjects. Serious, I'll do that, if i'm so impatient. People talk. They don't listen. 

*OMK stands for; oh mak kau*

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