He made my heart stop. Seriously.

Marry me Damon Salvatore. Will you?!

HAHAHA! Psycho freak kan Natasha ni. But, hello! Siapaaaa tak melt tengok dreamy guy handsome macam ni sekali. Siapa tah dia ni. Is the question that you might be wondering. Dia ni la yang act dalam Vampire Diaries. Pasal dia ni la I tengok Vampire Diaries sampai habis other than the fact that the storyline is quite interesting. To me, I'd rather watch Vampire Diaries than the Twilight and any other Vampire stories. Sorry to say. and ohh, if you kind of a girl like me (who always been in love with dreamy guys) search for Oliver Goodwil. He's the wolfie in Evanescene's Call Me When You're Sober video and he's hot too!

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