How to make babies

How do I suppose to know how to make a baby?! I'm not yet married! duh! ohhh. speaking about babies, last week, I went to Taman Tun for Ilham Saiful Azhar's niece baby shower (aqiqah). omg,  I have to tell you, the baby is soooooooooo cute! Hah! geram aku! I got the chance to held the baby. She's so tiny and she so kind. Tak nangis pun! Her name is Irdina anyway which menas, kegemiraan kami. Well she does. She made me happy! Awwww!

Definetely not the baby

 Ilham is the one in the middle

 Sorry gambar gelap. Baby tak boleh kena flash lah!

 Kak Ngah. The want who gave birth to super duper cute baby.

Aww. the baby is so wangiiiii! bau minyak Yu-Yi!

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  1. 'kak ngah' is a really beautiful mom!! i think she's a babe! congrats to u and ur family. i love newborns.. they melt my heart with only their tiny toes~ hurmm~