My English Linguistics and Literature club has organised a Gala Night to all English major in UIA. I was about to back out when the job was so tiring as I never coordinate any big programmes and I have no ideas it's going to that awful. But, I did make a right a decision to stay put because I gained a lot of new things and friends! I do! Thank You everyone! So, as usual let those pics do the talking!

With the programme manager, assistant, catering and me, the asst, programe coordinator

we worked hard. we enjoyed harder!

 As you notice, he IS wearing heels.

 Part of the crew.

 I'm very strict when it comes to eating.

He is 188 cm. Dont comment anything.

 we beautiful lecturers.

 It's almost 2 in the morning. So i have to do something not to fall asleep. lol.

 We have these handsome guys performing!


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