Tartuffe/Tariq by Moliere

Here's the assignment for our Drama class. We have to choose one from all our plays that we have learnt and act it out. I was so much fun! I'm sorry for the thick make up as we HAVE TO wear thick make up as for the audience woudl not be able to see it from their seats. The play is about Tartuffe an antics & detest guy who has been acting like good one has fooled Orgon & part of his family. Luckily, the maid,  as in Dorrine played by Atiqah did not fall into the trap & helped the family. Thank You to the casts who have been working day & night without giving up. A last minute preparation would actually will do. But, Alhamdulillah we did not. 

Tartuffe/Tariq: Jihan Jamal
Elmire: Me!
Madam Pernelle/Valere: Jazmine Jubilin
Orgon: Khairah Karim
Damis: Adilah Ishak
Dorrine: Atiqah Shukor
Mariane: Nabila Diyana
Policeman: Izyan Diyana
Sound Assistant: Farah Zawani

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